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American Future Fund received the largest grant from CPPR, a total of .7 million for “general support.” That amount exceeded the nearly million the group told the Federal Election Commission it spent supporting or opposing Democratic candidates in ads in the midterm elections (“independent expenditures”) or broadcasting slightly less explicit appeals close to election day (“electioneering communications”).In fact, the gift was more than half of the .3 million the group raised all year.

Shared, Bronx, Joan Davis / Flatlandsfoto, Suzanne Somers, The Art of Carol Roque, Q107 Toronto, New York University, Mr.American Future, which is based in Iowa, ran a series of hard-hitting ads against Democratic candidates around the country in 2010 that left little doubt where the group stood, even when the ads didn’t refer to the election.“With the biggest tax cut in American history looming, [Bruce] Braley was the deciding vote to adjourn the house.If you listen closely to the song it is actually about the government letting down the GI and not the patriotic riff that some were led to believe.Enter 2012, it took him long enough but he is finally lending his support to President Obama.