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“This collection is set to make Iloilo join the growing list of historic cities featured on the Cultural Institute.It highlights the significance and importance of preserving culture, history and heritage among the Filipinos,” said Joyce Christine Colon, University Research Associate II of UP Visayas.Nelson soon convinced Loida, a 52-year-old widow based on Guimaras Island, to partner in an expansion venture in the Philippines.The venture would require capitalization amounting to P500 million which he promised to deposit in Loida’s bank accounts.

Iloilo’s prosperity resulting from the textile and sugar export trades can be seen in its grandiose ancestral homes, and in the construction of a number of public buildings also featured on the Cultural Institute.

MANILA -- Google has collaborated with the University of the Philippines (UP) Western Visayas to launch Iloilo’s rich collection of heritage structures on Google Cultural Institute, an online platform that helps to make the world’s culture accessible and available to anyone.

The collection shows off Iloilo’s rich cultural backdrop, dating back from the pre-colonial period up to the 20th century.

Loida gave him details of her six bank accounts including that of her automated teller machine cards which had total deposits reaching about P10 million, mostly joint earnings with her deceased British husband.

When Loida followed up the transfer of funds, Nelson told her to send P260,000 to Malaysia to cover processing and other expenses.