Dave navarro dating history

Andrea is the sister of three siblings including two brothers named Daniel Tantaros, Dean Tantaros and sister, Thea Tantaros.

She is also better known as former secretary of House Grand Old Party.

For instance, he performed at the 2012 Republican National Convention (an event that will forever be remembered for Clint Eastwood roasting an empty chair for ten minutes).*By Michael Tullberg/Getty Images.*The first time I saw Dave Navarro playing with Jane’s Addiction, at the ’91 Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago, he looked like a drug-fueled lunatic—a character come to life from an R. The band as a whole had an unhinged and unpredictable energy, but Navarro in particular, with his dark, mascara-smeared eyes and shirtless bravado, carried himself like somebody I’d keep my distance from.He played the guitar like he was throttling an ex-lover and somehow created epic oceans of noise that, if you’d smoked just enough weed (and at the ’91 Lollapalooza, I had), was downright Hendrixian. The last 10 years haven’t been quite so kind to the Navarro mythos.During her career, she has served as press secretary for Republican leadership in the U. Andrea is currently dating with musician Dave Navarro, is former husband of actor and model but not married yet.The couple is spotted several times in media and they seem happy being together.