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Yes, the new age definition of a “Veteran” is somewhat laughable, as Frank from Real World San Diego is not a veteran—Coral is a members Kenny Santucci and Evan Starkman "took another male participant's toothbrush and rubbed the toothbrush around plaintiff's genitals, including rubbing her labia and inserting the toothbrush into [Cooley's] vagina" while Cooley was passed out, and that the alleged incident is on-camera.The suit also says that other female cast members were subjected to unwanted sexual contact and that Cooley and others reported these incidents to producers, who did nothing.The dark passions in his life that he has always been able to trust in before have started to leave him hollow and in need of something more. Evil men claimed his youth, ravaging it mercilessly.Turmoil in the house he is expecting, but when he awakened to find the lovely tawny skinned beauty . Now he can't consider or think about a future until he rights every wrong.

The season has never meant much to him over the years and he is ready to relax in his time away from work.

Coming Together's Hors d' Oeuvres are single story treats taken from the anthologies and sold as appetizers. Sales proceeds benefit the same charity as the anthology from which they originate.

Yvette Hines' "Shot at Love" comes from Coming Together At Last v1 which benefits Amnesty International.

Moni Walker has been a freelance photographer for years.

Having spent most of her adult life traveling all over the world and running from commitments of any type, an accident convinces her it's time to stop.