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But if you're happy as a Christian, go and find yourself a Christian girl who has those traits that you desire, but that you associate with Jewish women. They may be Christian girls who are Jewish by birth, but who were either never exposed to Judaism or else rejected it.

Deliberately dating someone of a different religion leads to intermarriage which causes problems down the line (if nothing else, think of the kids, and all the mental anguish they will inherit; believe me when I say I speak from experience). Then there are Jewish men and women who convert to Christianity and call it "Messianic Judaism" (not all "Messianic Jews" are actual Jews, and none of them are practicing Judaism).

First up is, Its an Investment, who is a 26 year old single woman with the quirkiest sense of humor you will ever meet!

If you would like to see a taste of her very refreshing and bold approach to her Frumster profile along with her brave stance when Frumster staff, hilariously, did not quite know what to make of her, check out this post.

A reminder of what a gift we are granting our children by giving them a place to call home.

Posted by Jewish Mom on Jul 31, 2017 in Inspiration, Jewish Moms, Motherhood, My life | 2 comments Yesterday I told my 7-year-old Tsofia that, no, for a few more days she and her siblings still can’t fill up the swimming pool in the backyard and take a dip.

Check her out if you like fresh, zingy, out there, non-conformists with a great sense of humor.----------------Here is one of the nets most famous Orthodox Single Bloggers, Rabbi Josh, from Yutopia.

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She had to make a choice to go back to being less-observant and date non-orthodox men if she wanted a greater chance to marry and have children."I believed I had made the right choice for myself a decade earlier," Lianne contended as she fed a calm Jacob."But not all choices, no matter how good our intentions, have the outcome we hope for or expect." Lianne's husband, Mark, a secular Jew, is an equal partner to his wife in many ways.Forget JDate, Frumster, Singles events, or the local Shadchan, meet your Bashert the 21st century way - through their blogs!It’s time to shine our famous spotlight on some new and old members of the ever growing world of Orthodox Single Bloggers.